Objectives of the High School Education

Major Objectives

Deepen spiritual life of students through Catholic Christian school environment.

Sustain academic excellence through a well-rounded curriculum.

Broaden awareness and deep concern in local, national and global

Inculcate strong socio-civic consciousness and love for truth and responsible freedom.

Specific Objectives

Manifest the love of God in daily life with a sense of personal worth and respect for others and with preferential option for the poor so as to relate harmoniously and effectively with the family, school, and the church.

Develop an enlightened commitment to national ideals by preserving moral, spiritual, and socio-cultural values as well as other desirable aspects of Filipino heritage;

Form desirable attitudes to understand the nature and purpose of man according to God’s plan for the promotion of unity and cooperation.

Develop the necessary skills in executing higher intellectual operations by thinking intelligently, critically, and creatively.

Acquire basic work skills, knowledge and information, and a set of work ethics essential for making an intelligent choice of an occupation or career.

Broaden, enhance and maximize one’s talents and abilities for self-fulfillment and service for others.