Sr. Nanet, OP - picture

Dear Parents, Pupils and Students, SJA Personnel and Alumni, a very warm Christmas greetings to all of you!

It is my deepest prayer that you and your families will all be blest with the best of HEALTH, JOY, PEACE, and HAPPINESS  during this season and beyond!

We truly are a blest people! Blest because we have a God who loves us so amazingly!  We are so blest because He never tires of calling and inviting us to partake of His love and abundance. We are so blest because all He wanted for us is for our well-being and happiness! And we are so extremely blest because from the glory of the Heavens, God came down and assume our frail humanity to assure us of our final destiny with Him! Are there other better reasons  you can think of for our joy in this season?

The truth is that all the gifts and materials things we could possess are nothing compared to the greatest gift we had been given: JESUS, OUR SAVIOR! With Him the power of sin and death is vanquished and  eternal life and happiness is guaranteed! This is the reason for our great joy and happiness! This is the reason for our great celebration!

Now, let not  laughters and fun just be a hollow camouflage of the true state of our heart and soul but rather a true reflection of one that is really appreciative and grateful of the works and gifts of God!

Love is the heart of Christmas…and love is best expressed in giving! Hence, we are so obsessed with gift-giving. Christmas is not complete without gift-giving. But to be efficacious, that gift must really be born from sincerity and purity of heart. This is what symbolize the colors of the day: red and white. Furthermore, that our celebrations and gift-giving must truly come from the desire to give joy and hope especially to people who could not possibly repay or return the favor: the lost, the least, and the last around us. It is to them and for them that all the gifts we have prepared for the Christmas Pamaskong Handog rightly belongs! The more poor people who can get it, the better, because it truly serves its purpose! You will never know how much God would bless you because of the  sacrifice and efforts you have made for this activity. But it is guaranteed that the more you give, the more blessings you receive because God can never be outdone in generosity! He is always honored and blest with acts of kindness and generosity!

So, in behalf of our beneficiaries and in the name of St. James Academy, please accept my heartfelt  gratitude and appreciation to all of you dearly beloved PARENTS, PUPILS & STUDENTS, TEACHERS & NON-TEACHING STAFF, & ADMINISTRATORS  for the KIND HEART & GENEROUS SPIRIT all of you possess!

There is no doubt Our Lord Jesus is truly in your hearts! Let Him continue guiding and inspiring you every day of NEW YEAR 2019!!!


With prayers & affection,