The Academic Program of the High School Level aims to develop the growth and development of each student through the employment of varied teaching learning strategies, provision for engaging and student-centered activities, appropriate use of various multimedia and other instructional materials, and provision for different assessments in the different subject areas like Christian Living Education, English, Mathematics, Araling Panlipunan, Science, Filipino, MAPEH, TLE/Computer and Edukasyon sa Pagpapakatao. It offers curriculum that complies with the DepEd and even over and above the learning competencies.




The Homeroom adviser meets his or her class everyday before classes start for the Morning Exercises (flag ceremony and praying of the Holy Rosary.)

During this period, matters pertaining to Homeroom solidarity are discussed and clarified.

Some of these include refinement of manners and courtesy, upholding Christian values, disciplinary concerns, circular / letters, study habits and skills, outreach activities and other pertinent school project and activities.




This program aims to help students develop mathematical skills and interests and prepare them in various Mathematics competitions. This is catered to all students with mathematical giftedness and inclination. It also promotes the love of Mathematics among students in the pursuit of excellence in mathematics education.




Foreign languages namely Mandarin and Spanish are offered as electives to Third and Fourth Year students respectively in partnership with Berlitz International Inc., one of the world’s premier language services firm.

Research shows that learning a second language enhances the students’ abilities in Mathematics, Writing and Reading.

Using the communicative approach to language learning, students learn through listening and speaking, supported by reading and writing and learn grammar as a means of communication. Its methodology concentrates on results-oriented lessons by teaching practical language that can be applied to real-life situations.




This is designed to encourage students to better appreciate school works and address their learning gaps.


The Remedial  Program aims to:

  • motivate the struggling learners and underachiever cope with school works
  • remedy the learning and study difficulties of the students
  • help students cope with their day to day lessons
  • help students acquire the needed skills for specific subjects.




  1. Students who obtained grades of 75.4 or below% in English, Filipino, Math, Science and Araling Panlipunan are required to attend the program.
  2. The Remedial Program operates on a Quarterly basis. Lessons are held once a week for one hour per subject after class hours.



The Summer Academic Enrichment Program aims to assist the students on their academic performance and be familiar with the school’s setting. At the end of the program, they are expected to have gained better understanding of concepts and developed their skills as highlighted by the subject, hence they would become better prepared and confident to face new challenges in the next year level.




  1. The Summer Academic Enrichment program is offered to:
    • Students who have received a grade of 75.4 or below
    • New students with a final grade of 79.9 or below in Math and English
  2. A corresponding fee is charged per subject to avail of the program.
  3. The program is conducted one hour and thirty minutes per subject for two weeks from Monday to Friday.



The Integrity of Creation Program aims to transform SJA community to become responsible stewards of God’s creation. It imbues the Jamers’ ideals of “Maka-tao at Maka-kalikasan” in protecting and preserving the human life and the eco-system.




Examinations are given every Quarter to determine the extent to which the students have mastered the skills and knowledge covered by the different subject areas.


Examination permits are issued by the Finance Office and presented to the Homeroom Adviser three (3) days before the schedule of examinations.


Before examination, the students should:


  1. Leave all books and papers in a designated area in the classroom.
  2. Place pen, pencil, eraser and test cover on the desk that will be used during the examination.
  3. Make the necessary correction/s as announced by the proctor after the test papers have been distributed.
  4. Observe silence after the bell rings for the examination.


During the examination, the students should:


  1. Observe strict silence in the examination room.
  2. Re-read the entire examination papers to make sure that directions are followed.
  3. Refrain from communicating and borrowing anything from classmates.
  4. Attach all used scratch papers to the examination papers.
  5. Stay in the classroom until the required time.


After examination, the students should:


  1. Submit to the proctor the examination papers.
  2. Maintain silence while leaving the classroom.



Any student caught cheating during the examination will get zero for that test. The student’s conduct grade for the Quarter will automatically be 75%. He/She will undergo suspension as stipulated in the Policies on Discipline.



A student who fails to take any Quarterly Examinations may be given a special examination. He/She should first request for special examination approval from the Office of the Assistant Principal for Academic Affairs.



Report Card (F138) is issued every Quarter. Parents should attend the Parent-Teacher Conference (PTC) every First and Third Quarters of the school year. This aims to update them on the academic and deportment status of their children. However, special conferences may be scheduled as the need arises.



Academic probation is a restraining measure imposed quarterly by the school on students who have incurred grades of 75.4  in any academic subject. Its purpose is to encourage and guide students to further improve their study habits.


Students on probation are required to attend the Remedial Program. His/her participation in extra-curricular activities is recommended by the class adviser and subject for approval by the Assistant Principal for Academic Affairs and the Principal.


Who are placed on Academic Probation?


  • New or returning student upon the discretion of the Assistant Principal for Academic Affairs and the Principal.
  • A student with a final grade of 75.4 or below in any subject.


Lifting of Probationary Period

            A student is lifted from the Academic Probationary status if he / she earns a grade of 75.5% and above in the concerned subject/s.



A student is promoted to the next year level if he/she earns a grade of 75% and above in all subjects. However, if a student is  failed in two subjects, he/she  shall be advised to transfer to another school and retained in the same year level.



            Educational trips are encouraged for their educational value. Ordinarily, they are held at the expense of the students concerned. These must be approved by the Directress, Principal, Assistant Principal for Academic Affairs and the Assistant Principal for Student Affairs at least one month before they take place. Outing and on-campus activities are not allowed during the review and examination weeks of each grading period.




Tutoring any St. James students by St. James faculty and personnel on and off campus during the school year is not allowed.