the seal


The seal of St. James Academy, Malabon City has these features;


  1. The Icon of St. James the Greater on a horseback at the center of the logo.

He is portrayed to be strong and holy, firm but gentle. It epitomizes the institution’s very strong foundation, since its beginning in 1926. His face of holiness shows the call of Jesus to be holy like Him. It is firm because St. James Academy has withstood the test of time in war and in trials and jubilation. His gentleness connotes the love, the admiration and respect of the local community that it serves.

The Sword. It is a reminder of St. James’ heroic death.  It is a challenge to all of us to be faithful and courageous for Christ’s sake. Its forward thrust impels us to continuously move forward and strive for excellence.

The Shield. Like St. James we should be able to defend strongly our Christian Catholic faith.


  1. The Dominican Cross symbolizes the Dominican Sisters of the Trinity’s unwavering administration of the school adhering to the Dominican ideals of Passion for Truth and Compassion for Humanity. The cross itself symbolizes Christ, the center of our life and work.


  1. The Four Symbols in the box convey the following meanings:
    • Bible represents St. James Academy’s curricular offerings which are Christ-centered with Religion as the core of the curriculum.
    • Heart stands for the various Outreach Programs of the school being compassionate to our underprivileged brothers and sisters by providing them services for the upliftment of their lives.
    • Torch signifies the continuous quest of SJA for excellence in the field of education.
    • Shell symbolizes our thirst for knowledge and our quest for truth, justice, and peace. It also represents its roots, Malabon as a fishing community


  1. The 3 Latin Words inscribed are the core values which every Jamer must be guided by. These are:
    • VERITAS         –         Truth
    • JUSTITIA        –         Justice
    • PAX                   –         Peace


  1. The Colors represent the official colors of the Religious Congregations that have administered St. James Academy.
    • Blue and Gold of the Maryknoll Sisters’ Congregation. Blue personifies the Marian color and our devotion to the Holy Rosary while Gold is for excellence in education.
    • Black and White of the Dominican Sisters’ Congregation. These represent our discernment for the good and the evil.