St. James Academy of Malabon adheres to a philosophy of life that is founded on the Catholic vision of man and his beliefs.

Man is a special creation of God with intellect and will.  However, because of his fallen nature, he often becomes confused, divided in his thoughts and goals and unable to heal himself.

God, as the loving and merciful Father, reinvited man back to the friendship by sending Jesus Christ.  Through belief in Jesus and in-dwelling of the Holy Spirit, man finds his meaning and destiny in this world.

It is not enough simply to believe in Jesus.  Man must live out that faith in his daily life. To fulfill this responsibility, the members of the Kingdom of God need to go through a process of self-transformation, which flows to a responsive and effective service to others.

As a Catholic Diocesan School that Facilitates the Formation of Persons

As a Catholic school in the Diocese of Kalookan, it upholds that Catholic education is a formal process of facilitating growth of students into holiness.  This education is an expression of the mission entrusted by Jesus to the Church He founded.  Its major task therefore, is to make the message and life of Christ, the Model and Teacher, truly incarnate in the minds and lives of its students.

In St. James Academy of Malabon, the students receive formal and systematic training in character and intellectual formation in the atmosphere of respect, trust, acceptance and concern for others as necessary conditions for learning.

As a Filipino School

 St. James Academy of Malabon takes pride in serving Filipino students in genuine Philippine setting.  Its curriculum is based on meaningful experiences that are adaptable to the Filipino way of life.

In the process of formation, it is desired that the students learn to appreciate, preserve, and promote Filipino culture, conserve and develop their natural resources and respond to the needs of their country and fellowmen.

We also underscore that desirable Filipino values should be part of the unique Filipino education.  These values are respect and concern for others, hospitability and pride in one’s identity and cultural heritage.

We believe that Filipino education must be effective and thorough; hence, it must seek to develop all the God-given faculties and talents of the students, making them valuable agents of their country and the world community at large, as citizens who are “maka-Diyos, makatao, makabayan, makabuhay at makakalikasan.”

As a Dominican School

The Congregation of the Dominican Sisters of the Trinity presently administers St. James Academy of Malabon. Sharing their apostolic faith in work and in the Eucharist, the school community holds in common the following Dominican ideals:

Passion for Truth and Compassion for Humanity

A special devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary

In the Diocesan and Dominican ministries of the school, Religion serves as the core of the curriculum.  In line with this, St. James Academy strives to build a community of love where students, teachers, administrators and staff are witnesses of a truly Christian life in an atmosphere of study, prayer and service to others.