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Statement of Foundation

St. James Academy of Malabon adheres to a philosophy of life that is founded in the Catholic beliefs and vision of man.

We believe that Man is a special creation of God with intellect and free will. However, because of his fallen nature, he often becomes confused, divided in his thoughts and goals and unable to heal himself.

God, as the loving and merciful Father re-invited man back to His friendship by sending Jesus Christ on earth. Through belief in Jesus and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, man finds his meaning and destiny in this world.

It is not enough simply to believe in Jesus. Man must live out that faith in his daily living. To fulfill this responsibility, the members of the Kingdom of God need to go through a process of self-formation, which flows to a responsible and effective service to others.

1. As a Catholic Diocesan School

St. James Academy of Malabon owned by the Archdiocese of Manila believes that Catholic education is a formal process of facilitating the growth of students into holiness. This education is an expression of the mission entrusted by Jesus to the Church He founded. Therefore the school’s major task, is to make the message and life Christ, the Model and the Teacher, truly incarnate in the minds and lives of its students.

In St. James Academy of Malabon, the students receive formal and systematic training in the character and intellectual formation in an atmosphere of respect, trust, acceptance and concern for others as necessary conditions for learning.

As a KADSA member school, St. James Academy adheres to these distinctive organizational core values such as:

1.1 Commitment
1.2 Concern
1.3 Conscientious Stewardship
1.4 Compassion

2. As a Filipino School

St. James Academy of Malabon takes pride in serving Filipino students in genuine Philippine setting. Its curriculum is based on meaningful experiences that are adaptable to the Filipino way of life.

In the process of formation, it is desired that the students learn to appreciate, preserve and promote Filipino culture, conserve and develop their natural resources and respond to the needs of their country and fellowmen.

We also underscore that desired Filipino values should be part of the unique Filipino education. These values are respect and concern for others, hospitality and pride in one’s national identity and cultural heritage.

e believe that Filipino education is a continuing process, reflective and thorough, hence, it must seek to develop all the God-given faculties and talents of the students making them valuable agents of development in our country and the world community at large as citizens who are “ Maka-Diyos, Makatao, Makabayan, Makabuhay at Makakalikasan.”

3. As a Dominican School

The Congregation of the Dominican Sisters of St. Catherine of Siena presently administers St. James Academy of Malabon. Sharing faith in work and in the Eucharist, the school holds in common the following Dominican ideals:


In the Archdiocesan and Dominican ministry of the schools, religion serves as the core of the curriculum. In line with this, St. James Academy strives to build a community of love where students, teachers, administrators and staff are witnesses of a truly Christian life in an atmosphere of study, prayer and service to others.

Patron Saint

Life of St. James the Greater

St. James, son of Zebedee and Salome and brother of St. John the Evangelist, was a Galilean by birth and a fisherman by profession. Jesus, walking along the shore of Lake Genesareth, saw the two brothers, James and John fishing with their father. He called them and at once they left their nets and followed Him, showing their detachment from material possessions and readiness to follow God’s call. Christ gave these two the surname of Boanerges or “Sons of Thunder” to denote their active zeal.

St. James was one of the three privileged apostles, together with Sts. Peter and John. They alone witnessed the healing of Peter’s mother-in-law, the raising of the daughter of Jairus from the dead, the transfiguration of our Lord and the agony in the Garden.

After the death of Christ, the apostles dispersed to preach the Gospel in the neighborhood of Judea. St. James traveled far and preached the Word of God in Spain, remaining there for a number of years. He is honored as the patron saint of Spain.

St. James lived as bachelor in temperance and mortification. He was holy and exemplary in all manners of conversation. He was called James the Greater to distinguish him for the other apostle named James too.

Upon his return to Jerusalem, the persecution of the Christians was at its height. He was the first among the twelve apostles to suffer martyrdom for his faith from the hands of Herod Agrippa in the year 43 AD.


Brief Historical Profile of SJA

St. James Academy of Malabon City broke ground from the vestiges of Malabon Normal School, the first Archdiocesan Catholic teacher training institution, conceived by then Manila Archbishop Michael O’ Doherty in 1925 and formally opened in June 1926, with the Maryknoll Sisters taking the reins of the administration.

The first Grade School graduation took place in 1931 with 20 graduates while the High School had it in 1933. In April 1936, the normal school and the pre-departments were moved to pre-school department were moved to Isaac Peral St., Manila, now the United Nations Avenue, while the grade school and high school departments remained in Malabon. The school in Malabon was renamed St. James Academy, after St. James the Greater, patron saint of Bishop James Anthony Walsh, M.M., the co-founder of the Maryknoll Congregation with the Maryknoll Sisters still supervising the institution.

When World War II broke out in 1941, the school was closed down but classes continued at the private residence of the Punzalan family and managed by lay teachers while the Maryknoll Sisters were interned by the Japanese in Los Banos, Laguna and at the University of Santo Tomas. The school reopened in 1945 when the war ended. The first high school graduation after the war took place on March 26, 1946 with 20 graduates.

In 1960, St. James Academy, being an Archdiocesan school, became an automatic member of the Manila Archdiocesan and Parochial Schools Association after the Archdiocese of Manila promulgated a decree creating MAPSA.

Circa late 1960's photos show San Bartolome Church front pillar and patio; The High School Department area adjacent to the foyer; The covered Auditorium; A typical Grade School classroom.

In 1980. the Maryknoll Congregation, formerly the Foreign Mission Sisters of St. Dominic, veered its charism to full-time missionary work thus, bequeathing their 54 years of management of the school to another St. Dominic-inspired congregation as approved by His Eminence Jaime Cardinal Sin, the Archbishop of Manila, the Dominican Sisters of St. Catherine of Siena.

On October 20, 2003, in view of the canonical establishment of the new Diocese of Kalookan, St. James Academy became a diocesan school under the a- forementioned diocese, known as Kalookan Diocese Schools Association (KADSA). However, SJA is still a part of Manila Archdiocesan and Parochial Schools Association, Inc. (MAPSA), the latter being an umbrella organization of all diocesan schools in Metro Manila, Antipolo and Bulacan.

Presently, St. James Academy, a PAASCU accredited institution, affords quality Catholic basic education to students from the Greater Manila comprising the cities of Malabon, Valenzuela, Quezon, Kalookan, the municipality of Navotas and as far as Obando and Marilao in Bulacan.

Present-day photos show the school facade beside San Bartolome Church (formerly the High School Dept. grounds in the 80's - 90's); The multi-storey bldg. also has a rooftop gymnasium and recreational center.

Through the years, St. James Academy has tremendously changed Malabon’s landmark. Its physical contour and instructional facilities have met the benchmarks of an excellent learning institution.

Truly, it has put to light its Vision-Mission as “an instrument in the transformation of a truly quality Catholic education through a God-centered curriculum, technology-enhanced, service-oriented, and research-based programs that will uplift human dignity and impel us to devote selfless service to the local church.

Entrust your child in a Catholic Education with a tradition of excellence that nurtures total human development where teaching and learning make a difference


We, the community of St.James Academy of Malabon City a Filipino Catholic school of the Diocese of Kalookan proclaim and live as witnesses of Godís Kingdom enkindled by the apostolic zeal of St. James the Greater and inspired by the Dominican ideals of Passion for Truth and Compassion for Humanity, envision to build a humane society to attain the fullness of life.


We commit ourselves to be transformed holistically thru a God-centered curriculum for the promotion of truth, justice, peace and integrity of creation by providing service-oriented, research-based and technology-enhanced programs, that will uplift human dignity and compel us to devote selfless service to the local community and the church



1. Identity – We the community of St. James Academy of Malabon City, a Filipino Catholic School of the Diocese of Kalookan,

2. Reason/Purpose – proclaim God’s Kingdom

3. Guiding Principles – as inspired by the Dominican Ideals of Passion for TRUTH, and Compassion for HUMANITY, and kindled by the apostolic zeal of St. James the Greater,

4. Envisioned Future – envision to build a humane society that promotes justice, integrity of creation and peace.


1. Desired Condition – To achieve this vision, we will be an instrument in the transformation of a truly quality Catholic education

2. Internal Transformation – through a God-centered curriculum, technology-enhanced, service-oriented and

3. Core Competence – research-based programs

4. Attributes – that will uplift human dignity and impel us to devote selfless service to the local church.


Campus Vicinity Map

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The Management Team

Sr. Maria Sofia Taguinod O.P.

Sr. Gloria T. Amancio, O.P.

Grade School Principal
Ms. Lucia Andan

High School Principal
Mr. Benigno Puig

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